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What Is Twitter Chat and How are Horse People Using It To Connect?

A Twitter Chat is a group conversation around a particular topic of interest.  Twitter Chats are  similar to a chat room except that they place in real time. Typically, Chat hosts use an application like TweetChat or Twebevent 400Contest3 300x300 What Is Twitter Chat and How are Horse People Using It To Connect?to  organize the event and Chats are held at regularly scheduled times.

Currently, there are over 400 Chats on the Twitter Chat Schedule on subjects ranging from cooking to college fashion and from technology to barefoot running. Hashtags are used to identify the Chat for example: #blogchat or #poetparty.  And thanks to Mandee Widrick of Horse Family Magazine there is #Horse Chat!

I caught up with Mandee last week and here is what she has to say about Twitter and #Horse Chat.

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Elisabeth McMillan is the assistant editor at Equestrian Social Media Today, an equine business and marketing consultant, public speaker and the owner/editor of, a website that provides business education and career support to horse professionals around the world. You can contact her directly at


  1. Thanks for the article, Lizzy!

    If anyone would like to participate in the chat, they can join me every Monday night at 9pm EST. Just type #HorseChat into the Twitter search or into TweetChat to follow along. :)

    • You bet Mandee! I enjoyed talking with you. Thank you for posting more info. about #HorseChat.

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