How to Share Your Google+ Circles

One of the newest updates for Google+ now allows you to share your circles with your friends. For instance, if you have a circle with a lot of interesting horse industry experts, you can now share that circle. This allows others to more easily find new and interesting people to follow, and it’ll help you find interesting people to follow in your friends circles.

To share a circle, click on the circle you want to share on the circles page, and click the “share” button.

In the video below, Owen Prater, a Google+ engineer, explains how to share your circles.

There are a few limitations to be aware of. First, the maximum number of people in a circle you can share is 250, which is still pretty substantial. That doesn’t mean you can’t share circles that are large, just that only the first 250 users will be seen. Second, and good news for some people, the name of the circles will not be revealed, even to those with whom you are sharing the circle with. Another is the circles are not dynamically updated when you share them. How the circle appears when you share it is how the other user will continue to see it, which meaning if you add or remove people from your circles, those changes won’t be reflected on the shared version.

“One of my favorite parts about circles is how they help me control who I share with, as well as what I read,” Prater said in the video, “In fact, many of you have created lots of great circles around topics that interest you (like Photographers) to bring lots of great content to your stream. In these cases, we’ve heard that you actually want to share your circles with others. Both to save your friends some time, and to connect them with interesting people and content.”